"Vivian is a person full of surprises and wonders. I was surprised to see how quickly she could think and write an article for our monthly China Business Magazine with deep insight into Chinese way of doing business. I was more surprised to know she is also managing enterprises with wide vision and huge ambition. She is a very caring and considerate individual with integrity. It's an honor for me to work with her on many publishing projects in the past and better yet for many more new projects in the future."

-- Wen Zhou, Editor, China Business Magazine

"Vivian and I have established a strong business relationship of which I am very proud because she is a very honest person with clear goals and objectives in her life. Just to illustrate the above, she worked long hours to structure and negotiate an important commodities transaction for me, dealing with business people in six countries at the same time. That motivated me to tell her: 'Vivian, you did a great job... a superb job'. I have to recognize your discipline and tenacity. You are totally unusual and a real model to the business world... Vivian’s motivation, leadership, sense of responsibility, ability to plan and organize, creativity, research skills and worldwide contacts."

-- Raul Sanabria, President of Kensington Global, Costa Rica

"Vivian and I have worked together for a long time for a variety of clients, from private to public sector. Her knowledge, focus and ability to solve problems are a great asset to my Company, but mainly to our clients. She always brings new and innovative ideas that offer viable solutions. Partnering with Vivian has helped my Company grow. I fully recommend Vivian for any project!"

-- Alex Gonzalez, Creative Graphic Designer at Oaxaca Studio

"Vivian is smart, resourceful and great at taking initiative. Her background in business and intercultural communications made her the perfect person to work with partners from more than 18 countries across Asia and the Pacific. Vivian's unique skill set would be a tremendous asset to any company or client."

-- Carol Shaben, Published Writer and Past Project Manager for APEC SME

"Vivian is a very talented and well-rounded individual. She has exhibited excellent organizational skills, communication skills and details oriented. She has provided excellent customer service to the clients and her big smile and friendly manner always make the clients feel so good and welcome. Strongly recommeded."

-- Agnes Fung, Friend and Past HSBC Co-worker

"Dr. Vi is a very highly educated, knowledgable and driven entrepreneur who is always full of energy and never lose her visions and ambitions. I'm always impressed by how quick she thinks and acts as well as how hard she works. Her knowledge in the globe makes the world small. Sometimes I cannot believe all the knowledge and information she has it all in one person. She is a real global person with a wide global network and is an expert in Eastern and Western cultures. She is also a very creative marketer who just knows how to connect and promote. It's truthly a pleasure to work with her. I have also learned so much from her."

-- Vivian Chen, Principal at WinWin Consulting, China

“We are very pleased that you have helped us to design the survey and analyze the results with a list of recommended actions to improve our program… we have gained new insights as to what kind of business and marketing services are needed for our future program development. We value the timely data analysis and useful recommendations. Thanks for your continuous support. We very much appreciate your kind cooperation in this research project.”

-- Thomas Tam, Past CEO and Program Director of S.U.C.C.E.S.S Business and Economic Development

"It is my privilege to know Vivian. She has been forthright and honest in her business practices and sets an example as an outstanding citizen in her community. Vivian enjoys challenge and has the rare ability to meet success and adversity with equal composure. The values that best exemplify her character are a commitment to others and unyielding sense of integrity.”

-- C. W., Optimum Investor Club

“Vivian possesses both analytical and evaluative abilities, revealed in her work in the Social Sciences, Business Administration, and Computer Technology. As a student, volunteer, employee, manager, and teacher, Vivian has demonstrated the breadth of her interests and her genuine concern for others. She is outgoing, energetic, and confident. Blessed with good health and emotional stability, she has an infectious sense of humor and is capable of handling a heavy workload. She appears to thrive on challenges, to which she applies all her resources. Above all, she is a person of initiative and social grace.”

-- Dr. Joan Chard, Past English Writing Professor at UBC